Health and Healing, P.A.
Everyone should have arranged by now to transfer to a new
primary care provider. To everyone who has sent a record
release, I apologize if your new doctor/APRN/PA has not yet
received the records.  I am continuing to respond to the
record release requests I have received.  If you have an
urgent need, please leave a message on the usual phone
number, 316-733-1311, to have yours handled more rapidly.

The phone and fax numbers will stay active at least
through May 2016.  When they are deactivated,
contact information through the Medical Society will
be posted on this website.

Some pharmacies, mail-away pharmacies, and home care
agencies are still sending refill requests and treatment
orders to our fax number, even though the information was
sent out about no further refills as of September 1, 2014.  
This happens because of their automatic processes.

If you have a refill or health care order that is not being
taken care of, please call the pharmacy or health agency to
inform them about your current doctor/APRN/PA, and ask
them to delete the old information from their system.  

For non-urgent, non-health-related communication, you may
use the E-mail address for the practice:  Please do not
use this address for health-related matters because it
does not provide a secure and private connection.  
This address can be used for questions about the
practice closing, and to follow up on record release
requests.  You will receive an email, a call, or
a letter in response.
Health and Healing, P.A.
Phone    316-733-1311  Please leave a message
Fax        316-733-4177